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Working With Models PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jay Allan   
Monday, 01 September 2008 00:40

Monica really is a sweetheart!

In this article we will be talking about what can be the most difficult aspect of fine art photography.  Working with models.  LOL  I love models, and they are easily THE BEST thing about shooting nudes, but they are definitely the variable that you as the photographer, has the least amount of control over.  Models can potentially be the biggest roadblock on the path to great pictures. Models are unpredictable, often unreliable, and they have an agenda of their own.   

By the way, I am talking about female and male models here. As you start out you will most likely be doing TFP or TFCD deals, which means you are not paying your model. This is where you can get into a lot of problems. Setting up a photo shoot can be a very logistical and expensive process.  Many of the costs associated with a photo shoot are already spent by the time your model decides instead to go to the beach or snort some drain-o.    Until you start working with professional models who have a lot of experience, you will be dealing with people who do not understand the effort that goes into a photo shoot.   The best thing you can do is be preemptive with the models.  Explain before the shoot day what your plan is, who is involved, and how much things like hair/makeup locations, and assistants cost.


While we are on the subject of being preemptive, it is important to discuss model preparation.  It is important to be very clear with your model 

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Beginning to Understand Lighting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jay Allan   
Saturday, 30 August 2008 00:36



1001 Arabian Lights

There are as many ways to light a model as there are positions in the Kama-Sutra.  How you light, and what choices you make, will dictate the mood or feel of your images.  Successful photographers all have a "look" or "style" that defines them.   They were not born with that style, but they shaped it with years of trial and error until they found what works for them.  You need to do the same by experimenting.   In the digital age we are now in, this is much easier than it ever was before.  Instead of waiting for your film to go through the chemicals, we can now just shoot and adjust as we go along.  Color temperature and color balance can now be adjusted in camera, on set. 

General Types of Lighting

I will dedicate several articles to each type of light so this will serve as an overview. There are primarily four different

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Choosing a Camera PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jay Allan   
Tuesday, 12 August 2008 01:50

Nikon D3

Selecting A Camera Body

Choosing a camera is kind of like choosing a girlfriend. They come in many shapes and sizes, some are heavy and solid, and some are light and fragile. We all have are own preferences and tastes. You have to find a camera that works well for you. You will need a digital SLR if you want to

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