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Written by Jay Allan   
Saturday, 30 August 2008 01:18

A Sea Of Curves

I find women to be incredibly interesting. The way they smell, the way they think. The way they act. It is all so foreign to me. I especially like the way they look. As I photographer I am endlessly fascinated with the texture, the folds, the arches and the many curves of a woman's body. I have literally

shot hundreds of women (so far) in my career, and every day when I get to the studio I am excited still to see a new pair of breasts and 2 more legs unlike any that I have seen prior. They are all so different. And just when I think I have found my favorite one, a new girl comes along that just blows me away.

This site is dedicated to my favorite subject.  It is my passion as well as my career. “Find something you love” they always told me. Well I love photography and I love women. So here I am. The world of publishing, and the world of entertainment is changing fast. When I graduated from film school in 1992 magazines where king. Publishers were throwing parties with hundreds of girls. Lobster and Champagne for everyone! When I was first published in Penthouse Magazine it was a big deal. I was flown to Bob Guccione's Park Avenue mansion (the largest residence in Manhattan) and treated to lunch poolside in his 14 floor home. They took care of me. When I shot for Hustler, Larry Flint would arrive in his private jet. We were treated like celebrities. It wasn't all good however. I remember J. Stephen Hicks telling me how Bob had called him out saying “Penthouse is not an art magazine! Its a sex magazine” and I also remember Stephen telling me “Pull the very best images before you send the set to a magazine because they will never use them.” He was right. It was slides then and those slides will never be seen again.






The Dawn Of Digital

Wow, have things changed. The internet and digital photography combined have flipped the playing field. No more Manhattan socialite parties and private jets! But now the photographers themselves can become publishers. We can put the images that we like on our own websites. High rez images are in abundance now. Where a print magazine would use 12 shots. Now I can have 200 from the same set. And nudity is becoming more widely accepted in the US (it was already accepted most everywhere else) and models are coming out of the woodwork. There are amazing women everywhere.

 With this wonderful new digital technology, and the age of self publishing, I realize that there are now hundreds of new shooters eager to pick up a camera and take pictures of their neighbor, friend at work, or their girlfriend. I have the advantage of time and experience in shooting women. So here is an opportunity to share that with you. I might even throw in a few hundred pictures as examples. Please enjoy this site and I encourage you to visit our new forums and leave a comment or question behind.


Jay Allan



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